About Us

What is Fragtique? The word fragtique is a portmanteau or a blend of two words that are combined to make one. These two words are fragrance and boutique. Fragtique is a website that combines our love of fragrances and a place where people can find information and purchase them.

At Fragtique we try to provide our visitors with detailed information about the fragrances they are looking to purchase. The way we achieve this is by providing links to major online fragrance communities like Basenotes, Fragrantica and Parfumo. When you click on any of the fragrances we sell you will notice the three icons on the right hand side underneath the description. Just click on any of them and a new window will open redirecting you a page on their website of the respective brand of the fragrance. Scroll down and find the fragrance you are looking for, click on it and explore.

These online fragrance communities are a treasure-trove of information about perfumes, colognes, the perfumers who make them and the notes that make them smell the way they do. You can also participate in discussions or read the comments left by real people who share their opinions and their love/ hate relationships with fragrances.